Collector's Fund

The UMLAUF Collector's Fund is three-year $1.2 million funding initiative to revitalize the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum, acquire new works and conserve the UMLAUF’s current collection. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the UMLAUF's new initiative.

What does the Collectors Fund support?

The Collectors Fund will support design and implementation of new pathways in
the garden as the Museum plans to expand the grounds. Additionally, the Fund will support the acquisition, conservation, and installation of new sculpture in the UMLAUF collection, as well as appropriate garden signage.

How will my gift be recognized?

The UMLAUF will recognize Collector Fund donors on its website and on the property upon completion of final designs and placement considerations.

What kind of work does UMLAUF anticipate acquiring?

The Museum has always planned to accept gifts of Charles Umlauf’s work. The Curator will advise which works the Museum should accept. This Fund will support proper care and installation of new acquisitions by the Museum. The board is currently formulating criteria for accepting or purchasing work by other sculptors.

What are the giving levels for the Fund?

Collector Guardianship levels recognize patrons who commit to a gift of $15K (Aficionado), $30K (Steward), or $75K (Master). Contributions can be made as a single donation or in installments over the next three years. In the rich tradition of family giving behind Texas institutions like the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, the Cullen Sculpture Garden in Houston, and the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, we hope to establish a family cultural connection within the city of Austin.

Where is the museum in its overall expansion planning?

On September 30, 2014, a new 100-year agreement was signed with the City/Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) giving the Museum full management of Angie and Charles’s home, his studio, and their land atop the hill overlooking the existing Museum and Gardens. Working with the City to assess condition of the property and structures, our first step will be to safeguard these properties while planning expansion and use. Identified facility needs for the entire 8 acres include parking, offices, additional gallery space, an event/meeting space, a gift shop, expansion of exhibition space for new acquisitions, and a possible small restaurant.

What does “the UMLAUF permanent collection” include?

The City of Austin owns 270 works of art by Charles Umlauf. The UMLAUF, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, administrates a gift from the Umlauf children of more than 85 sketchbooks, drawings, furnishings, Umlauf’s tools, his personal library and archives. This Fund will support additions to the UMLAUF permanent collection.

How can I make a donation?

Please feel free to contact the UMLAUF directly at 512-445-5582 x109 for more information about Collectors Fund levels, or to arrange a donation.

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