UMLAUF Prize 2016 & Retrospective 

November 11, 2016 - January 29, 2017


Opening & EchindaLabs Insights Live Event*
Friday, November 11 | 6-8 pm 
*Free & open the the public

In celebration of the UMLAUF’s 25th Anniversary, this year’s UMLAUF Prize
exhibition will also showcase a retrospective including new works from previous
Prizewinners, Gracelee Lawrence and Ryan Hawk (2015), Adam Crosson (2014),
Stephanie Wagner (2007), Katalin Hausel (2006), Mark Schatz (2005), and Holly Fischer (2004).

For this year's winner, museum visitors will walk onto the set of EchindaLabs, they will learn about genetic skin modifications and explore the possibilities of using viral biomes to decorate the skin through a series of videos, brochures, photographs and human interaction with the “EchindaLabs receptionist”. McClellan created the experience based on the recent innovations in gene editing technology and her fascination with its implications on politics, science and the future of our bodies.

This exhibition is supported by Mo and Richard Anderson & The City of Austin Cultural Arts Division



An Interactive Recreation of Charles Umlauf's Studio

April 22 - October 16



For our 25th anniversary, we had a very special exhibition that offered a preview of Charles Umlauf’s studio! 
Studio in the Museum: An Interactive Recreation of Charles Umlauf's Studio was a must-see for all ages! On view until October 16, 2016.

Exhibition supported by Mo and Richard Anderson, The Alice Kleburg Reynolds Foundation, & The City of Austin Cultural Arts Division


The Spirit is the Thing:
Moving from Concept to Creation

March 17-April 21, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 17 // 6-7 pm*
Curated by Maryhelen Murray & Trisha Fabian

This exhibition provides a glimpse into Charles Umlauf’s artistic practice by highlighting the processes between idea conception and finished sculpture. Alongside completed works in the Garden, Umlauf’s original sketches and sculptural
iterations serve as windows into his process, allowing viewers insight into his ethos. 
In celebration of the UMLAUF’s 25th anniversary, The Spirit is the Thing previews our major exhibition,
the Studio in the Museum, opening April 22nd.

*The opening is free & open to the public


Jesús Moroles: A Tribute


Jesús Moroles moved people through massive displays of granite—chiseled and smoothed to perfection. And equally people were touched by his tremendous generosity, energy, enthusiasm, and boundless energy. His untimely death in June 2015 sent shock waves of sadness through the art world. With the help of the Moroles Studio in Rockport, Texas, the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum is honored to present his work in the exhibition, JESÚS MOROLES: A TRIBUTE. The exhibition runs from November 20, 2015 through March 13, 2016 and will feature sculpture, drawings and models which Moroles used to create his work.

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1950, he spent the better part of his upbringing in Dallas, Texas, and in 1983 opened a studio in Rockport with many of his family members contributing to the massive projects that characterized his work. Moroles visited Charles Umlauf in Pietrasanta, Italy, in the 1960’s and while studying the craft, pulled stone from the same quarry as the great Italian Renaissance sculptor, Michelangelo. A frequent visitor to the UMLAUF since it opened in 1991, he had most recently expressed interest in developing a granite fountain in the Garden. Always creating, it was reported that in his final years, Moroles was working on 25 commissions, such as sculptures, plazas and fountains – all at once. He said, “If you don’t imagine it, it won’t happen.”

Today one of his most recognizable pieces, the 64-ton, 22-foot tall Lapstrake sculpture sits at the CBS Plaza in New York City, directly across from the Museum of Modern Art. Moroles is known throughout Texas for the Gateway Stele at Lubben Plaza in Dallas and the Houston Police Officers’ Memorial – the artist’s largest sculpture, an earthen stepped ziggurat extending above and below ground level and spanning 120 x 120 feet.

Notable large-scale works include his 22-foot-tall sculpture, Floating Mesa Fountain, at the Albuquerque Museum in New Mexico and an environmental installation of 45 sculptural elements and fountains for the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama. Other commissions include the Granite Sculpture Plaza at the Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, to name only a few. His art resides in countries around the world including China, Egypt, France, Italy, Mexico and Switzerland. Moroles' work, which includes more than 5,000 pieces, has been included in over 130 one-person exhibitions and over 200 group exhibitions.

He was a recipient of the United States National Medal of Arts in 2008, received the 2007 Texas Medal of the Arts Award for Visual Arts, and was the 2011 Texas State Artist for Three-Dimensional work.

Thank you to Suzanna Moroles, Kurt Kangas, and the Moroles Studio for co-organizing and installing this exhibition. Additional support was provided by Mo and Richard Anderson, Austin Portfolio Real Estate – Keller Williams, Ronald Cheng, Chinatown, the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, Mint Title Company, and Texas Cultural Trust.


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