Luis Jimenez: Sodbuster, San Isidro

January 21- April 19, 2015

Sodbuster: San Isidro

The UMLAUF is pleased to exhibit Luis Jiménez’s monumental fiberglass sculpture, Sodbuster, San Isidro. Jiménez (1940-2006) was legendary for his popular and accessible sculpture. His art celebrates the laboring class, immigrants, and figures seldom represented in high art. Even his use of the industrial material of fiberglass pays homage to the working class.

Sodbuster, San Isidro was one of the first public art sculptures in Jiménez’s long, distinguished career. Commissioned by the City of Fargo, North Dakota in 1978, Sodbuster symbolizes the laborers who slowly transformed the Great Plains into hospitable farmland.  The sculpture includes references to San Isidro (St. Isidore, the Catholic patron saint of farm workers), Hispanic immigrants, Native Americans, Europeans, Western art history, and the bountiful land itself. 

Jiménez studied with Professor Umlauf at the University of Texas at Austin in the 1960s. Years later, he delivered the eulogy for his former teacher at the University’s memorial service. This exhibition also features a cherished object from the UMLAUF’s archives: Professor Umlauf’s gradebook for Jiménez’s Life Drawing class at UT.

Sodbuster, San Isidro brochure


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