Public Programs

Family Day / Sunday, November 13/ 12-4 PM

Family Day @ the UMLAUF

Family Days are held the second Sunday of each month. Explore the collection! Create art! Listen to stories! Practice yoga! Watch sculpture demos! Enjoy live music and more! Free and open to the public. This program is supported in part by the City of Austin Cultural Funds and Mo and Richardson Anderson.


Insights increases the appreciation of Charles Umlauf’s work and sculpture in general through lectures from visiting artists and scholars. Usually accompanying the museum’s newest exhibition, INSIGHTS encourages the development of critical perspectives and provides deeper understanding of art. Free and open to the public. This program is partially funded by City of Austin Core Funding 2015-2016 and Mo and Richard Anderson.


ATX LASER (Austin – Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) provides an environment for thought leaders to come together from all sectors: civic, academic, private industry, independent business, artists, curators, educators, etc.  Each LASER session features multimedia presentations and three speakers who have 10 minutes each to address a compelling aspect of their research, followed by open discussion with the audience. Free and open to the public. This program is partially funded by City of Austin Core Funding 2015-2016.

Umlauf Excursions


For those who would like a more in-depth understanding of Charles Umlauf and his contemporaries, the museum provides opportunities to travel with Dr. Katie Robinson Edwards, UMLAUF Curator, and others who share your enthusiasm for fine art. 

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