About the UMLAUF

Event rentals include use of the Gardens, Terrace, Lawns, Arbor and Crenshaw Room. We are primarily an outdoor venue. The indoor gallery is not available for private rentals, however, it will be illuminated for guests to view the current art exhibit. Our overflow lot is located across Robert E. Lee Road next to Wright Field. 

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Booking Your Event

Once you’ve had an opportunity to review our policies, venue details and rates, it is recommended that you perform a site visit with our Venue & Event Manager. After that point, we can place a complimentary hold on an available date for you. The complimentary hold is valid until another group requests to contract for that date, at that point you would have three calendar days to determine if you’d like to contract, or the hold would be released.

Upon written request, UMLAUF will prepare a contract for you to include the rental rate, date and timeframe. This contract will need to be signed within three calendar days of the sent date, with your first deposit due within three business days of your contract signing. A date & damage deposit is due to formalize the contract and lock in the date (does not apply for corporate meetings). This deposit is in addition to the rental fee & returned about 30 days post-event.

Planning your Event

UMLAUF is your blank canvas for your event and we recommend working with our preferred vendors to cover all your needs. Some common vendors that our guests commonly plan with are:

  • Catering (Food & Bar services)
  • Rental Items (Tables, Chairs & Linens)
  • Audio Visual (Lighting & Sound Equipment)
  • Live Music (Bands or DJ)
  • Floral Arrangements & Decor

We encourage working with one of our preferred partners or vendors as they are familiar with our space and requirements. Vendors not on our preferred list must provide a proof of liability insurance and sign the “Exhibit A” of the rental contract. Both must be held on file by the client and be presented to UMLAUF upon request. The client assumes liability for vendors performing services at the UMLAUF for their event.

It is recommended that a walkthrough with all of your vendors and an UMLAUF representative is scheduled about one month prior to your event. This will give everyone an opportunity to review and troubleshoot/confirm any special arrangements.

Available Equipment

We are limited service and do not provide set-up, teardown, food and beverage or other services.

We have the following equipment available for your use:

  • 5 60” Rounds Tables
  • 6 6’x30” Rectangular Tables
  • 1 8’x30” Rectangular Tables
  • 8 6’x18” Rectangular Tables
  • 50 Grey Resin Composite Chairs
  • 4 60 gallon Trashcans
  • Access to our Catering Kitchen (details provided upon request)

All existing equipment may be utilized during your event; with the request that all items are returned to their original location. Attempts should be made to wipe down or clean any borrowed items.

Events may utilize the existing lawn chairs, and equipment. You may also move them for your event, however, any moved garden furniture must be moved to its original location during clean-up. 

Day of Event

As a museum, we are required to maintain our museum hours and ADA compliance. No event set-up may occur during our open hours, which are currently Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-4:00pm, Saturday-Sunday 12:00pm-4:00pm.

Set-Up may begin at the contracted rental time listed on the contract. Delivery trucks are not allowed to wait in the parking lot before the closing time as guests exit the museum at 4pm. All vendors should park in the overflow lot across the street to leave the main lot open for you & your guests. 

We may arrange for tenting & lighting solely to be set-up before the museum opens. This must be requested and scheduled with the Venue Rental & Event Coordinator at least 45 calendar days prior to your event date to be confirmed. All non contracted set-up times are based on availability and not guaranteed.

We recommend that all events give one and a half to two hours for event set-up prior to guest arrival. Clean-up and teardown should be scheduled for the last hour of the rental timeframe. All guests and vendors should be off property when the contracted rental time ends.

Music must end by 10:00pm per the City of Austin sound ordinance. There are no exceptions to this policy and violations will result in possible fines from the City of Austin. Any fines administered will be in addition to a full loss of the deposit.

A general timeline for evening events is as follows:

  • 4:00pm-6:00pm - Museum Closed / Vendor Set-Up
  • 6:00pm-10:30pm – Event
  • 10:30pm-11:00pm – Guest Departure
  • 11:00pm-12:00am – Vendor Teardown / Clean-Up

For morning rentals, we recommend the same set-up & teardown times.

Your rental includes an UMLAUF Event Staff member, their prime purpose is to maintain the museum as well as orienting guests and vendors to the museum. They can assist with locating electrical outlets, replenishing the bathrooms and final check-out. You will also have an off-duty Austin Police Department Officer who will assist guests in crossing the street from our overflow lot safely. 

Clean-Up & Post-Event Requirements

It is recommended that you or your planner check-out with our UMLAUF Event Staff member to assure that all clean-up and post-event needs have been handled.

We ask that all rentals “leave no trace” and make reasonable attempts to clean up any spills, broken glass and other event related items. Any further clean-up needed will be removed from the deposit.

We do not provide trash services, all events must dispose of trash and waste items off property. Commonly your caterer will coordinate this for you. We will provide liners for borrowed trash cans. 

Caterers may not empty ice chests or pour water on the UMLAUF grass or ponds, the parking lot may be used. Any non-water liquid must be poured into the sink in the catering kitchen. The Catering Kitchen must be cleaned and free of spills with no remaining residue or solids after the event clean-up.

Rain Plan & Tenting

As an outdoor venue, we recommend considering tent options in case of inclement weather.

UMLAUF does not provide tenting services, our preferred tent vendor is Whim Hospitality or Premiere Tents & Events. Most of our event space can be tented with a variety of selections based on your guest count and event layout. We encourage tent sharing for back to back events and will assist you with linking with other parties schedule the day prior or after your event.

We do not allow for tent barrels to be placed on property. Pre-existing in ground tent anchors have been installed for Whim & Premiere tents. They are our preferred tent vendors.

Tents may not be over sculptures, block any pathways or exits to the premises. Special Arrangements may be made for installation prior to your rental time (generally the morning of the event). Any special arrangements should be discussed with the Venue & Event Manager at least 45 days prior to your event.

Should inclement weather cause significant citywide or local safety issues due to adverse weather, and it be determined that the event can not occur, we will offer a rescheduling date (based on availability) at no additional charge. Should an alternate date not be possible or coordinated, clients will assume the risk of loss for the amount of the Rental Fee.

Guest Communication

We recommend reminding your guests that the event will be in a garden setting. Some recommended verbiage for invitations is as follows: 

“Please keep in mind that the event will take place outdoors under the stars. You may encounter a variety of surfaces, including grass, gravel & stone.”

Our overflow lot is located across Robert E. Lee Road, our main parking lot has 18 spots including 2 handicapped spots. These may be reserved for your guests at 4pm. A driving map can be found at the “Floorplans” link on the website.

Garden & Museum Rules

As an art museum, we honor the works of Charles Umlauf and other contemporary artists. Art may nor be moved, covered or altered in any fashion. While we encourage guests to touch the art & feel the textures, climbing, defacing, marking or any modifications is not allowed. In addition, art may be moved, added or removed by the museum without notice.

There may be no modification to the existing structures of UMLAUF. We recommend using low tack painters tape and fishing line for your décor needs. No tacks, nails, gaffers tape, staples, glue or other items that may mar or damage the existing structures are allowed.

No open flame devices may be used anywhere in the garden or museum. We will allow for candles in hurricane candle holders and fuel gels on buffets to be on the terrace  or paved areas solely.

Banned items include, but are not limited to, rice, birdseed, sparklers, tiki torches, barbecue pits, fireworks, confetti, streamers, silly string, helium balloons.

Dining is welcome on the lawn areas, however, we request that buffet lines and bars are placed on a hard paved surface. Should they need to be on the lawn, we request that mats are rented to be placed under the guest or bartender areas to protect the grass.

We are a non-smoking facility; guests may smoke outside the museum in the parking lot. Receptacles are provided. Failure to follow this policy will result in a loss of the deposit.

Fireams & weapons are not allowed during private events due to alcohol service. With the exception of authorized parties, such as law enforcement.

We assume no liability for any items lost, damaged or stolen while on the UMLAUF grounds or parking lot.

Please note: Violation of these policies will result in deductions from the client’s deposit.

Contracting & Payments

Contract Signing - We utilize a site called Wedding Wire to manage our contracts, invoicing & a questionnaire due just prior to your event. A client site will be created for you which will hold all these documents for your quick review. All can be done digitally through this site. No printing, signing, scanning & sending needed!

Deposit - Once your contract has been signed, a deposit will be due to secure your space & finalize the contract process. This is due within 3 days of the contract signing. The deposit is refundable within 30-45 days after the event, less any excessive clean-up, damages or a 3% deduction for any credit card or PayPal transactions. 

Rental Fee - Your remaining rental fee is due 90 days prior to your event, events within this time frame will have special terms on due dates. The rental fee is payable in full at this time.

Payments - You may pay via check, cash, cashier’s check, credit card or paypal. A 3% deduction is removed from your deposit return for any credit card or PayPal transactions. Check is the preferred method of payment.

Cancellation & Date Changes

Date Changes – A date change is preferred over a cancellation. Should there be any issues regarding your booking date, reach out to the Venue & Event Manager to discuss. Should an alternate date be available, we will happily move the date for you at no additional cost. Any date changes should be made at least 45 days prior to the original contracted date.

Cancellation – Your liability after signing the contract is as follows:

Within 7 days of signing

Grace Period, No Liability, Full Refund

180 days or more prior to the event date

Deposit Forfeited + 0% of Rental Fee Due

179-80 days prior to the event date

Deposit Forfeited + 50% of Rental Fee Due

79 or less days prior to the event date

Deposit Forfeited + 100% of Rental Fee Due


For further information, or to view a sample contract, please reach out to the Venue & Events Manager

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